Posters - it's not something you want, but need.

  • About Our Company.

    Get to know us better.


    We at HASHTAG are all just a bunch of students who love posters on our walls. One fine day, we thought why not share what we love with others -- that was the dawn of #POSTERS.


    Posters are the begining of our humble little company HASHTAG. Soon we're gonna have custom phone cases 3D printed to your desire. And, in-house artists to paint your thoughts on to a canvas.

  • Here are some of the posters we love!

    Check them out.


    The merc with a mouth

    What would Wade Wilson do without his crayons and doodles.


    the Merc with a mouth

    Draw me like one of your french girls.

  • And, here's the HASHTAG team.


    Akshay Sasindran

    The guy responsible for the picture on the posters.

    Arnab A.J. Hazarika

    Brains behind the name, photographer.

    Ansèlm Joseph

    The tech dude.

    Imad Ahmed

    The  Chief Executive

    Vishal Petkar

    The chief-financial guy

  • How to order?

    Send us an email with the delivery address and the description of poster/s you want, and we'll send them to you in a giffy.

  • Reach us.

    Make sure to let us know what you think about our little adventure.



DISCLAIMER - HASHTAG does not own any of the images used on the posters. The images used on the posters are copyright free images from the various locations on the world-wide web. HASHTAG assumes no responsibility for custom user requested images. The user is requested for copyright free image to be sent for printed onto a poster.